Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sleepover time (Vick and Vicky's Button Up PJ Top from Snuggle My Baby)

When my kids sleep, their body temperature usually shoots up to the heat of the sun so it's really hard to get them to wear PJs to bed.  It's really awkward when they have sleepovers because they end up half or completely naked by the end of the night so I've been on the hunt for a good pattern for PJs. Jenn Gunn from Snuggle My Baby Patterns recently posted a tester call for her Vick and Vicky's Button Up PJ top that has no collar, and I kind of waffled for a hot minute on applying.  However, I figured it's worth a shot to see if my kids will stay in them all night so I applied and was so stoked to find out that I was "in" as a tester for it.  And, we can claim SUCCESS!!  Both kiddos woke up the next morning with both their tops and bottoms still securely on their persons.

Alright, so this top is seriously so quick and easy to put together.  I paired it with Chris and Christy's PJ bottoms to make a set for each of them.  My son picked 5 different prints for his, and we had to streamline his choices a little so his ended up having a few different "Aviator" prints from Quilting Treasures.  My daughter was a little more conservative and went with some Riley Blake "Lost and Found Love" that I got from Robin Bergman of My Little Lady and Gentleman.  
This is me in my PJs before my morning milk, Mom!
Let's talk pattern specifics before I get too far ahead of myself...

- Pattern ranges from 2T-12 so you have a pretty large size range to work with.
- Quick, easy pattern assembly.  There are only four pattern pieces plus the facing pieces
- Options for long or short sleeves
- No collar so this keeps the top of the shirt off your little's neck 
- You can use either buttons or snaps (I opted for snaps because I didn't have enough matching buttons)
- Relatively little fabric used (for the long sleeve sz 12, you will only need 2 3/8 yds total)
- Photos to accompany the very detailed instructions that come with the pattern.
- Seriously fast sew.  I made a top in about 45 minutes from pattern assembly to putting on the last snap.

We live in Oklahoma, and between sunrise and sunset, we could easily experience all four seasons as far as the craziness of our weather so I opted for the short sleeve and shorts/capri version of the PJ set for my kiddos.  This way, they can still wear them throughout the spring and summer.  Like I said, I had a mish mash of buttons for these so I just put snaps on them, but I really want to make some with buttons at some my spare time, when I have no unfinished projects (just kidding, that's never going to happen...I'll just have to make them or I'd be making some for my grand kids).  

So, my son asked for airplanes on his PJs.  Thank you, Jesus, for letting me have a large fabric hoard (because let's face it, that's what it is :/!) that I can choose from.   We found some pretty cool plane fabric on the shelves, and he grabbed pretty much every airplane print I own for his PJs.  As soon as they were done, I told him to try them on so I can take a photo and he was not too pleased with me, but he did it for me even if he started out refusing to play the game with me:
"Let me take your picture."  "No"
He's a size 4 or 5 in ready to wear, and this top fit him perfectly in the sz 5.  I didn't have to alter anything to make this happen.   It's a very relaxed fit top so this gives him plenty of room to grow and plenty of room to move.  I made the bottoms in a sz 5 with 4 length because he's only in the 12th percentile for height for kids his age...makes buying pants for him very interesting for sure.
My daughter is a little more conservative and introverted than my son so she went with a sort of vintage looking fabric for her PJs.  She also asked for capri pants to cover more of her legs.  I'm not going to discourage that, to be honest. HA!  I made her top in a sz 7 with sz 7 pants, and again, they were spot on with RTW clothes.  She's so hard to sew for because she hates anything that touches her neck too close or anything that hugs her body too tightly.  She has some sensory sensitivities when it comes to clothes so when she put these on and told me that they felt amazing, I knew we were golden.  The top is roomy and lets her play without feeling like it's pulling at her anywhere.  
Since getting these done, they haven't really worn any other PJs so I'm definitely going to need to make a few more of these to get us through the rest of the year.  I'm really excited to finally have a PJ set that my kids will both wear.  It's going to make sleepovers so much less stressful for me!

Okay, so if you've read this far and are still thinking, "I might need this..." well, you seriously do so here's the goods on how to get the goods.  The Vick and Vicky's top is live right now at Jenn's webstore, just click here to get the pattern for a special release price of $5 (regular price will be $8): Vick and Vicky's.  If you want to grab the PJ pants, just click here: Chris and Christy's.  OR, you can buy both as a bundle for $8 (regular price will be $10): PJ Bundle.  Don't wait too long, though! These sale prices are only good until 1 February.  Jenn also has a group on FB where you can post pictures of your masterpieces and ask questions if you hit a headscratch while sewing up some SMB happiness: Snuggle My Baby Patterns!  

Thanks so much for reading along.  I appreciate you hanging tough with me!  Now, head on over to Snuggle My Baby Patterns and grab yourself a pattern or two and sew up some PJs today!

Blessings and Happy Sewing,

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  1. I am so in love with the fabrics you used! Great post as always!