Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Marjorie Release Tour with Hazel and Gather

Normally, swing dresses have me breaking out in a sweat because I don’t feel like they flatter me. At. All.  I did make one about a year ago that I loved, so when Veronica, from Hazel and Gather, put out a test call for her new Marjorie Swing Dress, I put my name in the hat and got picked up to be part of the test team.  This dress…it’s ahhhmazing!  It has a flow that hides so much when I wear it, and I seriously want to make 30 of these so that I can have one for every day of the week.   I love this dress so much that I jumped both feet in to be part of the release tour so that I could share this amazing pattern with you.

Like I mentioned, I had the privilege of being part of the test group with some really fun ladies, and it really is flattering on every body type!  So far, I’ve made three dresses, but I’m going to be ordering some fun knits soon to make a few more!  More info later one a coupon code for fabric! ;)!  Before I go to far, lemme give you a few pattern features so you have an idea of what you are getting with this pattern:

- Large size range - goes from 00 to 10
- Four sleeve lengths – long, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4
- Two hem options – hemmed or banded (on the neck and sleeves)
- Two dress lengths – knee or mid calf
- Three necklines – v-neck, crew neck, or scoop neck
- Three back options – low, scoop, or crew
- Optional side seam pockets
- Layered patterns
- Detailed, concise instructions with illustrations

Endless choices, right?  With these options, you could literally make dozens of Marjorie dresses and never have two of the same style dress.  It is also incredibly easy to modify this pattern to include different styles if you want to try something different.  For one of my dresses, I did a sleeve mod and had bishop sleeves…one of my favorite sleeve styles.

You will definitely want to take measurements and pick your size that way.  I actually wear a size 7 in this pattern (this is a far cry from what I would normally choose for my size).  I also did a full bust adjustment for my size, which I was super excited about.   I usually breeze past that part because my girls aren’t usually anywhere near needing an adjustment on patterns.

I also did a muslin for my first one to see where everything sat once I got the dress put together just to be sure that I didn’t need to change anything before cutting into my final fabrics.  This also gave me a good gauge on where the hemline would sit.  I would also recommend you do that as well if you might be in between sizes.

My first dress was a banded neck, hemmed sleeve, knee length dress.  I opted for the 3/4 length sleeve here.  I used some sewing machine fabric that I’ve been hoarding for months to make this one, and it was perfect!  I wish I could remember where I got it from because I would love to give them some props on this fabric!  If you recognize the fabric, please drop me a comment so I can share some love for them!

I paired this with a pair of knee high boots, and I’ve worn it about 3 or 4 times since making it.  Every time, I’ve had someone ask where they can buy one, and I'm not so secretly doing the Snoopy dance when they ask!  The shape of the dress really does make for a magnificent silhouette, and I love that I’m not worrying about pulling it away from parts of me that I’m not terribly eager about.  I also really liked where everything sat on my shoulders, and I wasn’t worried about bra straps showing at the shoulders.

My second dress was a tighter woven sweater knit than I’m used to working with, but man, it is so comfortable.  With colder weather coming to OK, I’m pretty stoked that I have a few dresses that I can throw some tights or leggings under, and I’m ready to rock for the day.

The only difference between this dress and my first one was the length.  I went with the mid calf length on this one.  I usually modify the length because I’m all of 5’1” on a good day, but I decided to try this one in the original length.  It fell perfectly and hit me right where I was wanting.  I wore this one on a date night, and I was kind of glad that I did because they tried to freeze us out of the place while we were there.  

For my last dress, I used a lighter weight knit with some pretty good drape on it.  I snagged this one from Sincerely Rylee ages ago, and it was originally going to become shirts for my son and husband.  However, sewist’s option, I stole it for myself, and I have no regrets at all about doing that.  None. Nada.  I also modified the sleeves and drafted up some bishop sleeves for this one.  I finished the bottom with some elastic instead of doing a cuff on it.  I tried the cuff, and between my brain and the fabric, I couldn’t get it to sit right so elastic it was.  Turned out just how I wanted so happy incident there!

Somehow, I managed to cut two back pieces so this one is also missing the hi-lo hem that the first two had.  It still turned out gorgeous, and I'm going to say that I did it on purpose even if it was actually a happy accident.  I also paired this one with boots…YAY for fall and boot wearing weather!  Looking at all of the amazing fabric choices out there and the pattern different options, this pattern really is so versatile.  I used different weights and types of knit on all three dresses, and all of them came out so amazing!

I’m only one of the stops on the Marjorie Blog tour!  You’ll get a chance to see some amazing makes from several ladies on the tour, and I’m pretty sure that you will love the Marjorie as much as all  of us do!  Because of that, I want to give you some quick info about how you can get your copy and how you can find all of us during the tour!  Be sure to also stop by and show the designers some love as they share how gorgeous they are in their Marjorie’s!

Okay, so first, this pattern released yesterday!  WOOT!!!  You can grab your copy at Do It Better Yourself: Marjorie Dress.  Right now, it's also on sale for $7.99 (regular price will be $10.99) so you definitely don't want to wait to snag a copy because...well, it's an amazing pattern, and it's on sale! Mily Mae Fabrics is also offering 20% your next order.  The coupon code will be provided when you purchase your Marjorie.

We'd also love for you to join us on the Hazel and Gather FB group to share your Marjorie with everyone: Hazel and Gather Pattern Company.  This would also be a great place to ask questions if you hit a head scratch at any point.  Veronica is super friendly and quick to respond when we have questions.

Now, as I said, I'm only one of the stops on the tour!  Here's a complete schedule of the tour so you can take a stroll...or read...through some of the wonderful makes from the other ladies on the tour! We'd love to hear what you think of everyone's Marjorie dresses!

The Marjorie Blog Tour Schedule

September 18th - Seams Sew Lo | Diskordia's Curvy Sewing September 19th - Swimming in a Sea of Estrogen | Mama You Can Make It For Me September 20th - Stitched by Jennie September 21st - Crafty Momma Drama September 22nd - The Needle and the Belle | The Petite Sewist

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading along!  Now, head on over to check out some of the other bloggers and then stop by DIBY and grab yourself a copy of the Marjorie Swing Dress!

Blessings and Happy Sewing,

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Feeling so Fly (Fly Girl Racing Suit from Winter Wear Designs)

As I said earlier in the season, this is definitely the summer of swim here.  My daughter started the season with absolutely no desire whatsoever to wear a one piece suit, but here we are with the brand new Fly Girl Racing Suit from Winter Wear Designs...another win for the one piece!  She loves this suit!

Okay so let's do some quick pattern deets before we go into what we love about this pattern:

- Large size range:  starts at 1 and goes to 14
- Good project for advanced to intermediate sewists depending on style choic
- Two style options: racer back or strappy back
- Fully lined option for both suits
- Can be made as a swim suit or a leotard
- Layered printing so you just print what you need
- Very clear, concise tutorial with illustrations and photos
- BONUS:  Dolly size pattern for Dolly and Me suits.

We opted for the strappy version because my daughter fell in love with a store bought suit that had the straps, but she's in a size 7 with an 8 length so pretty much every one piece outfit on the shelf is a bust.  She was so bummed (we got to hear how bummed for the better part of an afternoon), and then, the Fly Girl came along.  I was so excited when Suzanne sent me the invite to test this pattern.  It's wondermous!

Being that swim fabric is slippery, it typically takes me a little longer to sew them up.  For this one, I think I took about 2 hours from start to finish.  It might have been a teeny bit longer.  There were a few moments when I was lost in the latest episode of The Flash, and I had some lost time where I don't know how 5 minutes turned into 45 minutes.  It's still a pretty quick sew considering that it's a swim suit.

As I said, we opted for the strappy version.  I would definitely agree with Suzanne's rating of intermediate for this version.  You'll want some experience with swim before fiddling with the straps and such.  I'm pretty much a hot mess when it comes to straps and binding on swim so I was a little skerred about them.   They weren't as awful as I was picturing, but, again, I would definitely recommend some swim fabric experience.  Now, the racing back doesn't require straps, and there's minimal or no binding for that one depending on what neck style you choose so it's a great project for an advanced sewist who's wanting to get into something new with swimwear.

For this suit, I blended a size 7 with an 8 length.  Suzanne provides instructions on how to blend with both a smaller girth and longer height or bigger girth and smaller height, and it's a pretty simple process to do.  The fit was spot on for the modifications we did.  Definitely measure your little before picking the size you think she needs.  My daughter seems to grow inches overnight, and I always have to double check her measurements.

We wore this suit to Thunder Fountain in Oklahoma City, and she was running in and out of the water with no creepage issues at all.  Everything stayed right where it was supposed to, and she wasn't tugging at the suit the entire time to cover up her bits.  My nugget still goes to this suit as her first choice when we are packing up to hit the splash pad or pool.  All in all, this was a major win!

So, the Fly Girl Racing Suit released yesterday, and it's currently on sale for $6.  This price won't last for long, though, so don't miss out on snagging it while it's still on release price!  For those of us on Facebook, Suzanne also has a FB group where we can get help on patterns if we hit a speed bump, get inspiration.  Just head on over to Winter Wear Designs Fun, and join us there!!  Now, go grab yourself a copy of the Fly Girl Racing Suit and sew up some love.  Don't forget to share it with us in the FB group!!  Thanks so much for reading along!

Blessings and Happy Sewing,

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

You're the one that I love...(Gina's Knot Your Everday Tee from Snuggle My Baby Patterns)

Every so often, a pattern comes up and poof…a magical idea forms in my head.  That's what the Gina’sKnot Your Everyday Tee did for me.  When Jen from Snuggle My Baby Patterns asked for testers, I jumped in with both feet, and I was so tickled when she added me to the test group!  This shirt is so easy to sew up, and it turned out so perfect for what I had in mind…

Okay, first things first…pattern deets:
- Size range starts at 2T and goes up to 16.  My daughter is topping out on most patterns so I love that Jen’s patterns go a little higher.
- Four sleeve options: cap, short, ¾, and long.  This makes this pattern really versatile and completely perfect for year round wear.
- Two hemlines:  straight or rounded back.  My daughter likes both styles so I could easily make eight different shirts with one pattern.
- Perfect for those panels that you see in a lot of the custom knit groups.  One of the testers used them, and it was like this pattern was made for panels.
- Layered pattern pieces so you can print just the size(s) you want or need.
- Full color photos with each step of the pattern for visual comparison.

So we’ve been on an oldies kick in the house lately, and the opening song for Grease came up on YouTube and PING!  I suddenly had such a great idea for a theme for my outfit.  What’s more iconic than the Pink Ladies and T Birds?  SO, I went about doing some research.  Clearly, it meant watching Grease and Grease 2 to make sure I got the look right. HA!

For my top, I went with both light pink and black cotton lycra.  I also freezer paper stenciled Pink Ladies on the back.  The top is separated into a yoke and bottom portion so it’s perfect for color blocking, but I didn’t choose to do that for my make because it didn’t go with my idea.  It is so ridiculously cute with color blocking, though!  I also added an inch to the length because my daughter has a ridiculously long torso, and we have to do some wangling when buying ready to wear to make sure they come down long enough for her tastes.

The pattern is rated intermediate, and I would agree with that.  Between the separate pieces for the top and the bottom and the binding on the tie at that bottom, I would definitely suggest some familiarity with knits.  That doesn’t mean that an adventurous beginner couldn’t also make this top, though.  Jen is going to be doing a video on how to do the binding at the bottom and will post that on the blog to better show how to enclose the ties and finish the keyhole edges.

We took to an area known as the Plaza District and hit up an ice cream parlor called Roxy’s Ice Cream Social for our photo shoot.  I liked the whole soda shop hangout from Grease and decided to go with that instead of the bowling alley that Grease 2 centers around.  We were there for a good hour or so, and my girl had no issues at all with moving around and jumping on things she kept seeing.  The size 7 was perfect on the fit with the exception of that tiny adjustment on the length.  The cap sleeves were perfect because it was about 98 degrees out when we were taking pictures.  I kept praying for a little bit of cloud coverage, and I got it…right as we hopped in the car to get some lunch.  Thanks, Oklahoma.

So, this pattern just released (5 July), and it's on sale right now at a special release price of $5.  This price is only good for a week so you don't want to miss out on this one!  If you aren't quite familiar with knits, you can always hop on the Snuggle My Baby FB group, and someone is always around that can help answer questions...or you can get in touch with Jen because she's pretty amazing at helping people walk through her patterns.  

The Gina's Not Your Everday Tee really is so versatile and perfect for every season!  Now go grab yourself a copy and sew up some love..and share your photos with us so that we can get some inspiration from you!   Thanks for reading along!!

Blessings and Happy Sewing,

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summer Sewing with Laela Jeyne (Summer 2017 Collection)

Laela Jeyne Patterns just released The Summer 2017 Collection, Marisa's first pattern collection, and I am seriously in love with every single piece. With the kids home all summer long, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, easy to make and easy to wear clothes are always near and dear to my heart.  There are six patterns in total, and I am super excited that I can make myself some staple summer pieces. I'll be ready for pretty much anything from hanging out at the zoo to a treasured date night.  I'll even have something for the lake if we get that far this summer!

Okay, so what's in the collection??  Like I said, there are six patterns that you can either buy separately or build you own bundle.  All of the patterns are on sale right now so this is a great time to get some amazing patterns as some righteous prices (food for thought:  if you buy the entire collection right now, the sale price is 40% off the retail price of the bundle).  I'm going to run through each pattern and give you my take on them.  The entire collection includes the Women's Dahlia Tank Top, the Women's Lily Woven Blouse, the Women's Rose Circle Skirt, the Girl's Rosie Circle Skirt, the Women's Violet Swimsuit, and the Girl's Vi-Vi Swimsuit

Dahlia Tank Top

I would definitely say this is a beginner pattern; it's a very fast sew and is perfect for anyone wanting to try out sewing with knits.  It was a little more form fitting that what I usually wear, but I have to say, I love it!  It is so comfortable, and I used a double brushed poly knit from Knitpop so it was so very soft.  I really loved that there were different cup sizes so I didn't have to wonder if I needed to adjust down for a good fit!

I made the hip length for this one.  I'm not quite brave enough for anything shorter yet, but there is a short option if you prefer that.  I really loved the length on me, and the bindings on the neck made for a cleaner finish that was more comfortable for me than a neckband.  The Dahlia is such a versatile top that you can easily pair with jeans for everyday wear or with a skirt/slacks to dress it up.  One blogger even made one in stretch velour!!

Lily Woven Blouse

Oh, how I love this blouse!  I made mine in a very lightweight woven from Sincerely Rylee, and it was so amazingly cool and breezy.  I also opted for a lace zipper that was a smidge longer than the pattern called for so I did have to mod the zipper lines to make sure I had the zipper in the right place.

The Lily comes with the option of an A-line silhouette or a gathered front.  I went with the A-line sleeveless option.  I am so happy with how the A-line turned out, and I wasn't quite so self-conscious while I was wearing it around!

My favorite  part of the top has to be the front darts.  They pull the bust in a bit and made me feel elegant.  My husband kept telling me to put that one top back on after I changed into PJs because he loved how this one turned out.  He very rarely pays attention to my clothes so snaps to Marisa for this one!  I paired this with a pencil skirt I made a few months ago, and suddenly, I was wishing we were on our way to date night.  HA!

This one took a little longer to make because of the blouse's structure.  DON'T let that scare you, though!  Marisa walks through every step of construction in great detail so you can get everything put together.  I would definitely suggest some familiarity with darts and zippers, though.  It took me about an hour and a half to make the Lily, but the end result is so amazing that it makes it completely worth taking the extra time to get it right!

Women's Rose and Girl's Rosie Circle Skirt

Both of these are amazingly fast and easy to sew up. My daughter has been learning to sew and use the Rosie to make her first clothing item!  For hers, we chose a performance knit for the waistband, and it was perfect (if you want to use a woven fabric, there are also instructions to make a woven waistband).  The recovery on the performance knit was sturdy enough that Nay didn't feel like she was fighting to keep her skirt on, and she's loving the twirl factor on it.

There are three silhouettes for this pattern: quarter, half, and full skirt.  Nay wanted the half circle, and I went with a quarter circle.  We both went with the knee length, because, again, it gets HOT here.  You can also choose a maxi length if you are looking for something longer.

My Rose is a lightweight sweater knit from a mystery box from Sincerely Rylee, and it came out super comfy.  I used the same fabric for the waist, and I think I'm going to go back and change that to something a little sturdier.  I wasn't thinking right when I put that on there, and I definitely feel like I need something more to support the weight of the skirt.  I really love that my skirt is a little more streamlined because it doesn't accentuate parts of me that I don't want to highlight.  Here, I paired it with the Dahlia, and it was a perfect combo!

Violet and Vi Vi Swimsuits

Swimsuit shopping is the bane of my existence.  Nay acts like I'm driving us to our deaths so I was super stoked to see that swimwear is part of the collection.  It was perfect timing because the kids were headed to camp, and Nay needed a one piece.  Apparently, one piece suits are harder to find than the Holy Grail because we found nothing after four stores.  I made her a size 7 and added 1" to the length.  Turned out perfect!  I also made her version fully lined with the side cutouts because they were cute.  We decided to skip the ruffles on the top, but that is an option for both the Violet and Vi Vi.

The kids pretty much live in their swimsuits right now so the Vi Vi has seen a lot of love, and I am absolutely digging the crossover in front.  In looking at other photos, I think I somehow managed to get it turned around the opposite way?!?

For my Violet, I added the built in bra as well as the full lining.  I really appreciate the built in because the water is kind of cold when you first get in, and, um, yeah...My version was just a plain one piece, no ruffles, no cutouts.  I did do a low back on mine while Nay wanted the higher back for hers.  I was also a little worried about creepage, but the neighbors are happy to report that my bum stayed fully covered the whole time that I was in the yard with the kids!

Of all the pieces in the collection, these took the longest to make (mostly because I messed up a couple of times and swim wear is a booger to unpick), but man, that fit is so worth it in the end.  I can't even get CLOSE to this kind of fit on my store bought suits!

As I said in the beginning, I seriously love every piece of this collection, and I am so excited to have some go to patterns for my summer wardrobe.  Thanks so much for stopping by as we continue with the Laela Jeyne Summer Collection Tour!  There are a lot of talented ladies sharing their creations with us this week so please stop by and show them some love.  Laela Jeyne is also having a giveaway on her blog where you can win two patterns of your choice from the summer collection!  Just head on over to the Laela Jeyne blog and take a look at the daily roundup posts to see who's coming up each day and to get to the Rafflecopter link to enter the drawing!  Here's a look at who's already shared their makes and who's on deck over the next few days!


Summer of Swim (Lulu and Celeste, Sprouting Jube Jube Swimsuit Edition)

This is the summer of swim for my two water bugs.  They literally get up, eat breakfast, and roll out into the backyard to play in the pool.  It doesn’t even matter what time it is.  I realized last month that they have both grown to the point that they don’t have any suits that fit them anymore, and my daughter HATES store bought swimsuits.  It was right about this time that Snuggle My Baby Patterns released the Sunny Day Swimsuit (I did receive the pattern free from Jen Gunn as part of the testing group).  It’s a two piece but still extremely modest, which was perfect for Nay because she’s so very conservative (I’m going to encourage that for as long as possible, to be honest).   Just about this same time, Deb Zaleski posted a call for the swimwear blog tour!  It was like the sewing fairies were lining the stars up just right so I threw my name in the hat to join the tour! 

We live in Oklahoma, and summers are VERY HOT…I’ve seriously considered climbing in the freezer a few times to get away from the heat.  We also live in Thunder country, and both my niece and my daughter are crazy for anything Thunder.  When I took them to the store to pick out some swim fabrics, they both immediately beelined it to the orange and blue so Thunder suits it was!

The Sunny Day Swimsuit is such a great pattern because it offers the ease of a two piece while still covering up and keeping everything modest.  The front of the top and the bottoms are lined so that there’s no worry about seethroughedness (real word…I’m vouching for it!) when the suit gets wet. 
I was pretty excited that this pattern ranges from 2T to 16 so I’ll get a lot of mileage from this one.  Nay is starting to hit the top of the size range for a lot of the patterns that I have for her so I’m always looking for some that will give me a little bit more use as she continues to grow up despite my attempts to stop the process.

I was a little worried when the girls started playing that they would get some creepage going on in the back, but there was solid coverage that stayed in place even while they were running around the yard.  I added the basketball appliques to the front of the shirt to add a little fun to their suits (this is not part of the pattern). 

As far as the pattern goes, I would definitely say this is an advanced beginner pattern due to the swim fabric and the lining.  I think that an adventurous beginner could give it a go and do fine, but there might be a bit of trial and error with working with swim fabric.  I really loved that this pattern includes layering so that I could only print the sizes that I needed/wanted.  There were also photos for every step of the tutorial so that I could see what my suit SHOULD look like and catch anything that looked like it might  be off before it became disastrous. 

This was a very quick sew.  I made four suits in two days, and I was able to add a little bit of fun to them with relatively no major work.  After she got her Thunder suit, my daughter asked for a Star Trek suit (gold because that’s what the bosses wear. HA!) and a red Power Ranger suit.  Challenge accepted so I made her a couple more.

My son was a bit put out that I didn't make him a suit so I snuck a quick sew in for him as well and made him the Dominic's Board Shorts, also from Snuggle My Baby Patterns.  This pattern ranges from 2T-12 so, again, there's a large range of sizes!  I used board short fabric for this pair, but I've also used Dominic's to make regular shorts as well.  My son loves anything with pockets so he has a place to stuff his treasures so these work well as regular shorts.  This is another very quick sew, and it also includes photos for every step of the tutorial.  It's a little bit of an earlier pattern, and it was released prior to Jen's move to layered patterns.  There aren't very many pages for the entire pattern so it's not really a show stopper.  The pieces are also nested so you can still go through and cut the sizes you need pretty easily.  My son couldn't give a toot about themed swim gear so he picked out some skull and cross bones for his shorts.  I've had it in my stash for ages, and he finally decided this year that he wants to use it so I'm happy to oblige!

Alright, so as with all of the LL&C, SJJ tours, there are some awesome prizes and contests going on so let's get some info out there for you to get entered into some prize drawings!

Today's Rafflecopter giveaway prize pack is a PDF pattern of choice from Gracious Threads and a $50 (USD) gift card from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  You just need to click the link below to get yourself entered for the daily drawing:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There's also a grand prize giveaway that you can enter!  This is a pretty sweet prize pack as well: a $25 (USD) gift card to Phat Quarters, a $100 (AUD) gift card to Boo! Designs, a $20 (USD) gift card to Simply By Ti, AND the PDF swim bundle from Made By Jack's Mum (this is four patterns total):

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can also enter the grand prize drawing by joining the Instagram contest!  This is the first time LL&C, SJJ has done this type of contest, and it's a great way to join in and share some of your own swim creations!  Here's how you can join in on Instagram:

1.  Post your own creation on your Instagram account and use the hashtag #TheSwimsuitEditionTour.  Also make sure to tag @luluandceleste and @deborahzaleski
2. REPOST the contest pic: Swimsuit Edition Contest Pic

AND for an extra entry, tag @phatquarters, @simplybyti, @boodesigns_kristie, and @madebyjacksmum on the pic of your creation!

If you do decide to join the Instagram contest, please take note of the following:

- Mark the photo public so that everyone can see your photos
- Make sure you share your photo on IG between June 26, 2017 at 12AM EST and July 2, 2017 at 1159PM EST only
- You must have sewn your suit in the month of June 2017.
- Can be any swimming item you WEAR...men, women, children, swimsuits, caps, coverups
- Can be something you've shared before (as long as it was sewn in June), but you need to repost it during the week of the contest with the hashtags and tags.
- Does not need to be modeled.  You can post photos of flats if you prefer.

**The contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or associated with Instagram.  By entering, you are confirming you are 13 years of age or older, release IG of any responsibility, and agree to IG's terms of usage.

All contests are open worldwide.  Please note when redeeming your fabric gift certificates that you are responsible for any purchase amount above the amount of the certificate, to include shipping costs.  You are also responsible for customs/duty fees as applicable to your country of residence.

Now there are a lot of stops on this tour, so be sure to check out the other bloggers and see what wondermousness (another real word...) everyone has sewn up for the tour.  There are some pretty amazing creations out there that you can read about:

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Finally, thanks so much to the sponsors who provided prizes for some awesome giveaways and for providing patterns to bloggers on this tour!  Please take some time to show them some love as you are visiting some of the stops along the tour!

Thanks so much for reading along!  I can't wait to see your creations on the Instagram contest!  

Blessings and Happy Sewing,