Friday, May 18, 2018

Summer Sewing with Ellie and Mac (part 2)

Hi, there!  Well, I’m lucky enough to be back for another stop on the Ellie and Mac Get Ready for Summer Tour sponsored by Seams Sew Lo!  My first go round, I made my daughter a Sunshine Romper.  This time, my son wanted to get in on the patriotic fun.  For him, I used the same panel from Peek A Boo Fabric Shop as I did with the romper.  Only I made him a modified Half Pipe Tee and paired it with some High Tide Board Shorts.  I made those in cotton woven that he will wear as regular shorts instead of swim shorts.  **I do want to add that I received these patterns for free, but the opinions expressed here are my own.  Links to the patterns are affiliate links so I do make a small commission if you buy them using my link.  

Let’s talk about that tee first.  I personally love this pattern because you can color block the pieces to get some really neat looks.  There is also an applique in the pattern that you can use if you want. 

Half Pipe Tee details:
  •           Wide range of sizes:  12 months to 14
  •           Color blocked front and back (I did a solid front on mine)
  •          No trim pages
  •          Layered pattern pieces so you can choose what sizes you want to print
  •          Fully photographed step by step tutorial

This pattern is a unisex pattern so you can make these for your little ladies as well!  AND, there’s a women’s version for some cool Me and Mom sets!  For my son’s top, he wanted the same panel as big sister so I cut the top as a solid piece.  This was a simple hack…I took out a ¼” to the front bodice piece and cut on the fold.  Easy peasy!  For the back, I color blocked so I removed ¼” from the piece and cut two pieces. 

My son is super tiny (one of his favorite things about himself) so he’s only just now starting to grow into a size 7.  He probably could fit the size 6 still, but we went one size higher to a 7 to give  this shirt a little bit longer life  span in his wardrobe. 

It was a super fast sew.  I think I made this one in about 45 minutes.  That included cutting fabric and construction.  With just 4 pattern pieces, it was also a quick one to piece together.  This is one of my go to t-shirt patterns for my kids because I can mix and match fabrics to get some really cool shirts for the kids. 

Now, the shorts.  These are the High TideBoard Shorts, and the recommended fabric is board short material.  I actually have made him a pair of those and made the swim bottoms that he can wear under them for water bugging.  Those are also part of the pattern!  The only thing I modified on this was putting on pocket instead of two because I forgot all about adding the second pocket when I was sewing.  I told my son that was intentional, but it was absolutely because I brain farted.

High Tide details:

  •           Another one with a wide range:  also starts at 12 months and goes up to 14.
  •           Two length options: above or below the knee
  •           No trim pages
  •           Layered pattern pieces
  •           Photographs with each step
My son prefers his shorts longer so I made the below the knee version.  I did the size 7 length because he’s been eating like a horse lately so I’m anticipating some growth this summer.  I did cut the waist to a size 6 elastic, though, because I’m not sure where he’s putting the food he eats.  He’s still super skinny…

Like I said earlier, these ones are a cotton woven, and I sewed down the elastic in the waistband because he’s always on the move and I didn’t want the waist to be moving around with him.  It just gave the elastic some stability as he was running and playing.   These shorts are pretty roomy so he had plenty of space to move around and run after his sister. 

He was pretty stoked that I made him an outfit that matched his sister’s so they can be “Independence twins” when we go visit their grandparents this summer.  Both of these patterns are on sale right now at the Ellie andMac webstore so you can save yourself some money when you head over to get you copy of these patterns!  Lindsey has also provided a store credit that you can enter to win. I’ll give you a link to the giveaway here in a sec!

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Thanks so much for stopping by again, and don’t forget to stop in and visit the other bloggers on the tour to show them some love!

Blessings and Happy Sewing,

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