Friday, June 29, 2018

Keeping sharp this summer!

We’re at that point in the summer where I’m looking for things that I can give to the kids to keep their brains from turning to jello before school starts back.  I’m talking anything…books, workbooks, educational games, worksheets…that will get their brains moving on something besides how booooooored they are and how looooooong it’s going to be before the next thing we do. 

Enter  Now, you do need to have an account to access the resources, but it’s FREE!!  Free is singing my song because there are so many resources available to us to help grow our children’s minds.  Anyway, your account is free, and once you have access, you can get summer boost worksheets.  There are also games, songs, activities…there’s a lot of stuff out there.  

I happened on the site when I was doing some research for fun games to play with our kids ministry.  I didn’t really look to far into the site until one of their staff members, Cassie, contacted me to ask me what I thought of the site and if I’d be willing to do a quick blog post about the site if I liked it.  *toodled off to look at the site*…and it really is a font of amazing stuff.  If you’re a teacher, there’s the option to sign up as a teacher when you create your account.  I have to be honest, I don’t know the difference between a teacher account and a parent account so I can’t really speak to that. 

They even sent me a worksheet that I could give to my daughter for multiplication practice!  Both kids tried it out and loved it!  There are also mazes, matching words, word searches, crosswords.  It just depends on what your kids enjoy.  My daughter is a math lover so this worksheet was right up her alley.   My son has already asked if I can find something with reading since he prefers that to math so we’ll be printing up some of those here soon!

If you’d like to try out the worksheet we did, I attached a copy of it here that you should be able to copy and save!
Worksheet provided by
We hope you are having a fantastical summer!


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