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Marjorie Release Tour with Hazel and Gather

Normally, swing dresses have me breaking out in a sweat because I don’t feel like they flatter me. At. All.  I did make one about a year ago that I loved, so when Veronica, from Hazel and Gather, put out a test call for her new Marjorie Swing Dress, I put my name in the hat and got picked up to be part of the test team.  This dress…it’s ahhhmazing!  It has a flow that hides so much when I wear it, and I seriously want to make 30 of these so that I can have one for every day of the week.   I love this dress so much that I jumped both feet in to be part of the release tour so that I could share this amazing pattern with you.

Like I mentioned, I had the privilege of being part of the test group with some really fun ladies, and it really is flattering on every body type!  So far, I’ve made three dresses, but I’m going to be ordering some fun knits soon to make a few more!  More info later one a coupon code for fabric! ;)!  Before I go to far, lemme give you a few pattern features so you have an idea of what you are getting with this pattern:

- Large size range - goes from 00 to 10
- Four sleeve lengths – long, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4
- Two hem options – hemmed or banded (on the neck and sleeves)
- Two dress lengths – knee or mid calf
- Three necklines – v-neck, crew neck, or scoop neck
- Three back options – low, scoop, or crew
- Optional side seam pockets
- Layered patterns
- Detailed, concise instructions with illustrations

Endless choices, right?  With these options, you could literally make dozens of Marjorie dresses and never have two of the same style dress.  It is also incredibly easy to modify this pattern to include different styles if you want to try something different.  For one of my dresses, I did a sleeve mod and had bishop sleeves…one of my favorite sleeve styles.

You will definitely want to take measurements and pick your size that way.  I actually wear a size 7 in this pattern (this is a far cry from what I would normally choose for my size).  I also did a full bust adjustment for my size, which I was super excited about.   I usually breeze past that part because my girls aren’t usually anywhere near needing an adjustment on patterns.

I also did a muslin for my first one to see where everything sat once I got the dress put together just to be sure that I didn’t need to change anything before cutting into my final fabrics.  This also gave me a good gauge on where the hemline would sit.  I would also recommend you do that as well if you might be in between sizes.

My first dress was a banded neck, hemmed sleeve, knee length dress.  I opted for the 3/4 length sleeve here.  I used some sewing machine fabric that I’ve been hoarding for months to make this one, and it was perfect!  I wish I could remember where I got it from because I would love to give them some props on this fabric!  If you recognize the fabric, please drop me a comment so I can share some love for them!

I paired this with a pair of knee high boots, and I’ve worn it about 3 or 4 times since making it.  Every time, I’ve had someone ask where they can buy one, and I'm not so secretly doing the Snoopy dance when they ask!  The shape of the dress really does make for a magnificent silhouette, and I love that I’m not worrying about pulling it away from parts of me that I’m not terribly eager about.  I also really liked where everything sat on my shoulders, and I wasn’t worried about bra straps showing at the shoulders.

My second dress was a tighter woven sweater knit than I’m used to working with, but man, it is so comfortable.  With colder weather coming to OK, I’m pretty stoked that I have a few dresses that I can throw some tights or leggings under, and I’m ready to rock for the day.

The only difference between this dress and my first one was the length.  I went with the mid calf length on this one.  I usually modify the length because I’m all of 5’1” on a good day, but I decided to try this one in the original length.  It fell perfectly and hit me right where I was wanting.  I wore this one on a date night, and I was kind of glad that I did because they tried to freeze us out of the place while we were there.  

For my last dress, I used a lighter weight knit with some pretty good drape on it.  I snagged this one from Sincerely Rylee ages ago, and it was originally going to become shirts for my son and husband.  However, sewist’s option, I stole it for myself, and I have no regrets at all about doing that.  None. Nada.  I also modified the sleeves and drafted up some bishop sleeves for this one.  I finished the bottom with some elastic instead of doing a cuff on it.  I tried the cuff, and between my brain and the fabric, I couldn’t get it to sit right so elastic it was.  Turned out just how I wanted so happy incident there!

Somehow, I managed to cut two back pieces so this one is also missing the hi-lo hem that the first two had.  It still turned out gorgeous, and I'm going to say that I did it on purpose even if it was actually a happy accident.  I also paired this one with boots…YAY for fall and boot wearing weather!  Looking at all of the amazing fabric choices out there and the pattern different options, this pattern really is so versatile.  I used different weights and types of knit on all three dresses, and all of them came out so amazing!

I’m only one of the stops on the Marjorie Blog tour!  You’ll get a chance to see some amazing makes from several ladies on the tour, and I’m pretty sure that you will love the Marjorie as much as all  of us do!  Because of that, I want to give you some quick info about how you can get your copy and how you can find all of us during the tour!  Be sure to also stop by and show the designers some love as they share how gorgeous they are in their Marjorie’s!

Okay, so first, this pattern released yesterday!  WOOT!!!  You can grab your copy at Do It Better Yourself: Marjorie Dress.  Right now, it's also on sale for $7.99 (regular price will be $10.99) so you definitely don't want to wait to snag a copy because...well, it's an amazing pattern, and it's on sale! Mily Mae Fabrics is also offering 20% your next order.  The coupon code will be provided when you purchase your Marjorie.

We'd also love for you to join us on the Hazel and Gather FB group to share your Marjorie with everyone: Hazel and Gather Pattern Company.  This would also be a great place to ask questions if you hit a head scratch at any point.  Veronica is super friendly and quick to respond when we have questions.

Now, as I said, I'm only one of the stops on the tour!  Here's a complete schedule of the tour so you can take a stroll...or read...through some of the wonderful makes from the other ladies on the tour! We'd love to hear what you think of everyone's Marjorie dresses!

The Marjorie Blog Tour Schedule

September 18th - Seams Sew Lo | Diskordia's Curvy Sewing September 19th - Swimming in a Sea of Estrogen | Mama You Can Make It For Me September 20th - Stitched by Jennie September 21st - Crafty Momma Drama September 22nd - The Needle and the Belle | The Petite Sewist

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading along!  Now, head on over to check out some of the other bloggers and then stop by DIBY and grab yourself a copy of the Marjorie Swing Dress!

Blessings and Happy Sewing,

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