Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tiny toes that soon will grow...(Infant Chris and Christy's from Snuggle My Baby Patterns)

My littles are well out of infant clothes, and sometimes, I miss the tininess of baby clothes.  However, thanks to my many friends who are now having babies, I can still enjoy tiny toes whenever I need to get my baby fix!  My neighbors had their first baby about three months ago, and I could just eat her up!  She's so wondermous!  Last week, I finally put together and sewed up the Infant Chris and Christy's All Season PJ bottoms for her!  She's still pretty new so I made the 3-6 month size for her, and well, hello, I had to add the ruffle bum to them because the whole world is brighter with ruffles and bows...

This pattern is such a fast sew, and pattern assembly took no time at all.  There's only one pattern piece to put together (unless you do the ruffle bum).  For the ruffles, there is a measurement chart, and depending on how you cut it, you can easily get 4 ruffles from it.  I only used 3 because Lulu is so little.  This pattern starts at size 0-3 mos and tops out at 18-24 mos so it really does have a wide range of sizes for you to work with.  There are also photos with every step which I like because I really appreciate having a visual to compare where I'm at to what it should look like.

I sewed up a 3-6 month size because Lu is between those two sizes right maybe a 4 1/2 mo?...there was definitely plenty of room to grow for her, and as fast as she's doing that, this will give mom and dad a few months of use before she is into the next size.  It was a little bit long so if you have baby close, it wouldn't hurt to get a measurement to know how long to sew the bottoms.  We decided to keep them long because she's sure not moving anywhere right now, and she'll be in a 6 month length before too long.  Originally, I wasn't going to do the rufffle bum, but I couldn't resist at the very end and decided to add them.  I can't help it; if I can slap a ruffle or bow on it, I will.  The pattern does come with directions on how to do the ruffles if you decide you want some of those.

All in all, I think this pattern took me about an hour to do.  That's from piecing the pattern and cutting it out to sewing it up so if you got yourself a pretty good groove going on, you could have 5 or 6 prs of these in no time.  I really do love this pattern for a quick go to if someone needs a pair of pants for their baby, and I'm now in sewing for baby mode so you never know what I might find to sew up next!!!

Thanks so much for reading along this far.  If you are looking to grab yourself a copy of this patter, you can find it at Jenn's online store:  Snuggle My Baby Patterns.  There's also a Facebook group if you want to come find Jenn to keep up with her happenings:  Snuggle My Baby Patterns FB group, and for those on Instagram, come find her there too (She's all over the place these days!!! :)!): SMB Instagram!

Again, thanks for hanging with me!  Now go grab yourself this pattern and sew up some love!

Happy Sewing and Blessings,

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Be a Mermaid (Veronica's Jumper Dress by Snuggle My Baby Patterns)

Oh, mylanta!  I love love the new jumper dress from Snuggle My Baby Patterns!  Naomi was so excited and couldn't wait to get this on after it was sewn up, and she already has some fabric picked out for a second dress (and possibly a 3rd and 4th dress)!  Let's talk about this pattern for a sec and then get onto why I love it so much!

Pattern features:

- Large size range:  starts at 12 months and goes up to 10 (which makes this momma happy since N is almost at the very top of the age range for most patterns)
- Easy assembly and quick sewing prep: only 3 pattern pieces to assemble
- Quick and easy sew (I think each dress only took about 45 minutes to make from start to finish!)
- Layered sizing so you only print the size(s) you want/need
- Photos for each step of assembly for those of us who like the pictures to see if we're on the right track
- Clear, concise directions for a fast simple project

Okay, so with details out of the way, let's get to some info about the pattern and dress.  Like I said, with only three pieces to cut from the pattern, assembly was very fast and very easy.  I actually use a glue stick for piecing my patterns so that cut down on time a little more for me, and I was ready to sew in no time.

The dress is a loose fit jumper style that is designed to wear over a shirt so this dress is really a wardrobe staple for any season.  We've been having an unusually warm winter here in Oklahoma so we were standing outside in short sleeves and bare feet in the middle of February...winning!! However, if it were a little cooler out, I could easily have paired N's dress with a pair of leggings or tights and a long sleeve shirt, and we would have been just as good to go!

The dress is made to slip over the head with ribbon ties in back to keep the top from slipping.  A bow makes everything better so really, I was ready to put a gigantic bow on the back, but my daughter put the big kabosh on that.  :/!  I let her win this time.

The pattern really packs a pretty large punch.  It can be made with standard cottons for everyday wear or dressed up with some satin or a lace overlay for special occasions.  The one we went with had a satin top with piping in the seams (not included in the pattern but very easy to add) and a mermaid print from the Mendocino collection from Windham Fabrics because let's face it, if I could be a wouldn't see me for the splash I make as I swim away.  In fact, the classic simplicity of this jumper lends itself to a lot of options if you are a trim junkie like me. I had to limit my trim usage and only to go with one thing or this dress would have rivaled Effie Trinket!  I did, however, make a matching fascinator to top off the outfit!

Now, my daughter's favorite comes with hidden pockets!  She stuck her hand in it and said, "Oh, yes, that would definitely fit a frog.  Perfect size, mom!"  Um...I'm sorry, did she say a frog?!?!  Maybe a mermaid isn't such a good idea after all...So, the roomy treasure holders were a huge hit with my daughter!   As far as the size, my daughter wears a size 6 or 7 in ready to wear, and the 7 was a perfect fit for her.  She was able to jump around and had plenty of room in the dress.  I did go with a size 8 length on the skirt, though, because she's pretty tall,m and the 7 was just a hair too short for her.  Sizing does only go to 10 on this one, BUT it starts at 12 months vs 2T so there is more mileage with this pattern on the smaller sizes!

Okay, so let's talk about how YOU can get this pattern.  It's actually live as of today (12 February) and is on SALE for the next week.  You can grab this pattern right now for $5!  Click here for the pattern link:  Veronica's Jumper Dress. Or you can go to the main page and check out all of Jenn's patterns: Snuggle My Baby Patterns.

For those who are on Facebook, Jenn also has a group you can join to stay up to date on her happenings and ask questions if you ever hit a roadbump while you're sewing up your Snuggle My Baby creations:  Snuggle My Baby Patterns FB group.

I appreciate you reading along for this long, and I hope this helped give you an idea of how awesome this pattern is!  Now, go grab your copy of the Veronica's Jumper Dress and sew up some love for your little girl!

Happy Sewing and Blessings,