Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Just kicking it with Kelcee (Kelcee's Wide Leg Bottoms from Snuggle My Baby Patterns)

My daughter is somewhere between tomboy and pretty in pink right now.  I think she likes the idea of skirts and dresses, but if she can't climb a tree in it, all bets are off.  Usually, we end up with sweaties and tee shirts so I was pretty excited when Jenn Gunn from Snuggle My Baby Patterns showed us a sneaky peeky of her new pants pattern.   My daughter looked at them and said, "Ehhhh, yeah, I'll wear those, I guess."  That was enough for me to hit submit on the test application.  After I got the pants on her, she didn't want to take them off and was very upset that she has to wear a uniform to school.  But seriously, these pants are so perfect for pretty much any style outfit.  Some testers even used home decor and denim weight fabric, and they were FABBBBULOUS!

So, as per usual, pattern specifics:

- Large size range: starts at 2T and goes through size 12
- Three length options: shorts, capris, trousers
- Unique high waist design
- Shorten and lengthen instructions so you can tailor to your child's height
- Layered patterns so you only print the ones you want/need
- Photos for every step of the tutorial for visual reference

I opted to make a girl's tux and a nautical number with a crop top for the test.  My daughter acquiesced to this and told me she gets fabric picking choice so off we went! She picked a pretty bright coral for her tux, but that just made it all the more awesome for me because seriously, a coral tux...nuff said.  I also modified Katie's Crop Top and and Vicky's Button Up PJ Top to pair with the pants version of the Kelcee.  It was magical when she put it on.  The pants hit at just the right spot that you could still see the high waist and buttons, and the wide leg bottom was perfect for her to still be able to run around.  My girl is a little on the tall side so we went with an 8 length and a 7 everywhere else.  This is standard for her when I buy ready to wear pants so I'd say this is spot on for store bought sizing for us.  She even let me put her hair in "piggy butts"! (My niece sometimes does her hair in piggy buns, and Naomi calls them piggy butts...).

For the second pair, I went with the capri option and modified the bodice of the Bella Party or Play dress.  Again, these bottoms were perfect.  The simplicity of these bottoms really lends them to going dressier or casual depending on what you need.  They are have this wondermous vintage feel to them. Naomi actually picked the colors for this outfit, too, and I'm kind of impressed with her fabric picking choices...proud momma moment.

The front of the pants are flat front with an elastic in the back to bring the waist in.  There are also button tabs at the front that add to that vintage feel while still providing comfort and ease of movement.  You do have the option of using snaps for the front, but I really wanted the buttons because I would add a bow and embellishments to everything if I could.  With three length options, these pants really are a staple for any season, and you can use pretty much any type of woven fabric. As I said, during testing, there were all types and weights of fabric with these pants, and every single one of them turned out amazing.
This time around, my son was a little bummed that he didn't have a new outfit so I made him a matching nautical set with Jenn's Dominic Board Shorts and Easy Day Tee.  He was pretty excited about having a matching outfit and hammed it up pretty hard.  I promised him that I would share his outfit so here are just a couple pictures of Bubba matching the Bug!

Okay, so how do you get YOUR copy of this pattern? Easy peasy...this pattern is now live at Snuggle My Baby Patterns, and you can get your copy at the release sale price of $5 (this price will only be good until the 11th of April so don't miss out)!  You can grab your copy here: Kelcee's Wide Leg Bottoms.  You can also scope out some of the photos from the other testers at this link!  Jenn also has a Facebook group where you can get info on her happenings, get help if you hit a headscratch, and grab some inspiration for your own creations!  Just head here to join in: Snuggle My Baby Patterns FB.

Okay, one more photo of my two loves before you click over to get your own copy of Kelcee's!!

Thanks so much for reading along about our latest sewing adventure!

Blessings and Happy Sewing,

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