Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Putting some pep in my step (Ladies Peplum Tank from Snuggle My Baby Patterns)

So, I'm usually pretty wary of anything that has a full skirt on it because I really don't feel like I need anything else to fill out my shape, but seriously, the Ladies Peplum Tank from Snuggle My Baby Patterns really knocked the fear right out of me.  I'm kind of obsessed with this top right now, and I've already made 6 of them.  It looks pretty amazing on pretty much ANY body type!

Alright, so, let's break down the pattern specifics real fast:

- Very large size range:  This pattern starts at size 2 and goes all the way up to a size 32
- Instructions on how to size blend, how to accommodate a longer torso, and how to do a full bust adjustment
- Two styles:  banded torso or simple torso
- Easy binding instructions that make for a beautiful finish
- Extremely fast sew.  I made two tops in about an hour and a half
- Layered printing so you only print the size(s) you want/need
- Photos for every step so that those of us who like the visual can compare our top to the tutorial
- Clear, concise step-by-step instructions
Here are my llamas after they had recovered from their late night celebrations
Okay, so as I said, in not so many words, I love this top.  It kind of makes me feel like I'm stepping back into the 30's or 40's when I wear these tops, and I really love the fashion from those decades. The peplum skirt really draws the eye upward to give the illusion of a smaller waist by draping over the hips.  I really didn't think that was going to be the case when I saw it on my mannequin, but I was sold after I put it on.

I fell between two sizes for the measurements so I blended from an 18 bust to a 22 waist.  I also made one in a size 18 bust and a 20 waist.  Both size blends fit me extremely well and gave a little different look with the different skirt sizes.  It was a really easy process to blend it out after I glued all of the pattern pieces together.

I also used the slash and spread process to make the torso just a little longer for me.  I have to do this with a lot of tops I make, and it's really what makes me just rather sew for myself than to try and buy something off the rack in stores.  Again, this was a relatively easy process, and I ended up adding 3/4" to my torso on these tops.  I would strongly recommend doing a muslin first so that you can figure out what adjustments you might need to make, if any.

I used several different knits for these tops, and I found that the more stretch it had, the looser it fits. You will definitely want at least 30%, and for my personal preferences, anything above a 40% stretch was a little too stretchy.  Also, make sure you plan accordingly for directional prints.  I did not so on one of my tops, it looked like my llamas had been partying too hard the night before and were all now sideways...darn the luck, had to go back to the store for more fabric...

However, once I got the muslin figured out, this top fit amazing!!  It's designed to follow your curves but it won't be extremely snug so there's plenty of moving around room.  With a 6 year old and a 7 year old, I can appreciate a top that lets me run after them.  I actually paired these tops with both a pencil skirt and a pair of jeggings, and both outfits looked fabuloso so this top really is very versatile. I even managed to squeeze Mickey Mouse into a date night outfit, so really...versatility.
Had to snap a selfie of me and the Mouse
I originally cut two tops thinking I wouldn't have time for more than that, but after I sewed up two in an hour and a half, I had to raid the stash for more fabric.  I have a pretty significant knit collection, and my groom was ecstatic to see it dwindling a little.  just. a. little. (I did order more knit to fill the void, though...he'll find out about that next week sometime. 😐.  I even managed to make a Wonder Woman inspired top that I seriously want to wear EVERYWHERE!!!

Alright, enough of me talking about how awesome this pattern is.  Time to get you some info on how to get your own copy so you can see for yourself why you need this top in your life.  The Ladies Peplum Tank released this week and is currently on sale for only $6 (regular price: $12) at Snuggle My Baby Patterns.  You can grab your copy here: Ladies Peplum Tank.  Jenn also has a FB group that you can join.  You can ask any questions you might have when you're making your creations or hop on to get some inspiration from the ladies who have already sewn up some amazing things.  You can join the group here: Snuggle My Baby Patterns.  Aaand, if you want to just peruse Jenn's collection of patterns, you can go to her webstore and take a look at what other patterns she has already released: Snuggle My Baby webstore.  Alright, so I'm going to stop rambling so that you can hop over and get your copy before the sale ends on the 28th of March.  Then, hop over to the FB group and show us whatcha made because we want to see it!  Thanks for reading along!

Blessings and Happy Sewing,

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