Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Very Sporty Summer (V-Neck Sports Jersey by Snuggle My Baby Patterns)


This was the summer of great adventures for my two littles.  They learned to ride their bikes without training wheels, learned to roller skate, made friends with the neighborhood kids, and learned what it means to paddle through the water and "not even touch the bottom!".  They climbed trees and came home with skinned knees.  They learned what it means when I say, if the street lamp is on, you're in the front yard...I grew up racing the setting sun so that I could make sure at least one toe was on the front yard by the time the street lamp came on or I have no idea what would have happened because I was too chicken to test it!  They both lived in athletic shorts, and my daughter decided she needed a matching shirt right about the time that Jenn Gunn from Snuggle My Baby Patterns announced her testing call for the V-Neck Sports Jersey.  Hello?!?  It was a sign from the sewing fairies that I was all in for this test, and I was so excited when I was chosen to be part of the test team.

Okay, so before I get too far into the summer recap, let's do some pattern specifics:

- Large size range to include teens (2T-16)
- Two shirt styles: color blocked or solid
- Two sleeve options: sleeveless or short sleeve
- Can be unlined, partially lined, or fully lined
- Unique v-neck finishing method (this made for a really crisp v on the neck when it was done!)
- Your usual concise pattern instructions and photos for those of us who use them for reference

We made two different types of shirts for the test.  My first run was with some performance knit that I got from JoAnn's, and it was a little tricky to work with the fabric.  Just had to move slow and focus. People used to call me magpie because I was easily distracted by shiny objects so focus and me...ehhh.  HOWEVER, the kids love these shirts and usually beeline it to them right after they come out of the wash.  I went a couple weeks where I didn't realize they were taking them from the basket as soon as they were coming out of the dryer so I thought they had fed them to the monsters under their bed...

My daughter is all about anything that has pink so her first top had hot pink and yellow.  It really is very hot pink, too!  I'm fairly certain that you would see this shirt from space.  She opted for the sleeveless on the first one.  My son prefers sleeveless shirts and actually asks me to butcher the sleeves off his all of his t-shirts so he can have a drawer full of tank tops so a sleeveless top was a no-brainer for him.  He went with a bright blue and red for his first top...again very bright.  Both tops fit the kids like a glove, and they weren't happy about taking them off at the end of the night.  My kids wear sizes 5 and 7 in ready to wear clothes, and these were spot on for RTW clothing.

For the second shirt, I actually ordered in athletic mesh from Denver Fabrics.  My daughter is a little more conservative so she asked that I line hers while my son opted to "let his muscles and chi chi's breathe" ...I don't ask anymore. It saves me stress if I don't his was unlined.  For these, I used mesh for everything to include the neck binding.  My son calls it his holey shirt and loves it because "the wind goes right through it, Momb"; a fact which happens to be pretty key here in OK during the summer months.

The v-neck seems a lot harder than it actually is.  I made this so tough for myself and ended up almost in tears when my machine ate the fabric and wouldn't cough it up.  Jenn made a video for us that shows us how she did it, and really. just. really.  It was so simple to do.  It just requires that you go slowly which isn't really my strong suit, but if you go slowly and take it easy, the process really does work. The final product really is a clean, crisp v-neck.  I even had a lady at Hobby Lobby ask me where I got the shirts because her daughter really needs some.  Hmm, I happen to know a lady who can make her some...

Now, if you've read this far, I sure do appreciate you for following along!  Let's get you some info on how you can get your copy of the V-Neck Sports Jersey!  The pattern was released this week and is available here at Jenn's webstore!  As an added bonus, Jenn also has some back to school bundles on sale, AND if you go to the Snuggle My Baby Patterns Facebook group she has a code you can use to get an additional 25% all patterns, including this one and the bundles!  Yeah, it's a pretty sweet head on over and join the group to get your sale code, then go to the webstore and stock up on this and the other really great patterns that Jenn has available!

Blessings and Happy Sewing,

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