Monday, May 30, 2016

It's time to potty (training undies from Snuggle My Baby)

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Who remembers Underoos?  I remember having Big Bird and Shazam underoos that I LOVED.  I lived in those things, and I was so sad when they got too small!  The new training undies from Snuggle My Baby made me think of underoos for little roos!  We are well past the potty training phase in our house, but we have a LOT of friends who are just now entering that phase of life with littles.  Originally, I had passed on the pattern because pfft, I won't need those (secretly happy about that)...then, someone asked me if I can make her kiddo some trainers.  It was almost as if the sewing fairies were granting me the green light to get this pattern, and well, I can't ignore my sewing fairies or they turn into gremlins and make bad things happen to my sewing machine.  Go with it, it's the story I'm telling my husband.

Okay, so some basics about the pattern:

- Sizes 2T-4T to cover a few years of the potty training adventure
- Uses Zorb for the two layers of absorbency (Jennifer has a link to a place on Etsy that sells if for$8/yd)
- Doesn't use a lot of fabric so perfect for scrap busting!
- Very clear step by step directions and photos for those of us who use those for reference

Alright, so I made two of these to get a gauge for fit.  Both of mine were in size 2T, and they were a perfect fit!  I wish I could post photos of them, but I promised my friend there would be no photos of her little one in just undies!

I think from start to finish, it took me about 45 minutes to make both sets of undies!  This includes cut time, and I think the toughest part for me was lining stuff up so not a hard sew at all!  My favorite thing is that there are no side seams.  Construction is essentially three pieces that wrap around so there aren't any niggly seams on the sides.   You do want to make sure that you pick a fabric with really good stretch recovery, though.  These are meant to sit pretty snug against the child's body so you don't want something that will end up sagging and bagging as the day wears on or you'll lose the hold in wetness factor.  When I asked Jennifer for some ideas on good fabrics to use, she advised that the higher the cotton content the better they work for these.

Now, while I'm glad that we are no longer going through potty training, I will admit that these will get some really good mileage as we have a lot of little ones in our world who are getting ready to start their potty training journey!

Okay, so here's the great news...the pattern is still on sale for a bit longer, and you can get your copy for the release price of $3!  Regular price will be $5.  Head over to Jennifer's Etsy shop to grab your copy today to get your copy of the pattern, AND there's a Memorial Day sale going on until May 31st.  Use the code MEMORIAL16 to take 35% off your entire purchase and Shazam!! :)!

I appreciate you following along if you're still here reading this.  Now go grab yourself some awesome patterns and Happy Sewing!


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