Thursday, May 19, 2016

Simply Susan's from Snuggle My Baby Patterns

We're currently going through a transition from ruffles and over the top to simply classic, vintage inspired clothing here in our household.  Part of me is sad because that means my little girl isn't so little anymore and part of me is elated because I love vintage inspired anything!  SOO, when Susan's came up for testing, my daughter was absolutely in for this one.

We spent forever in my sewing room staring at what felt like miles of fabric before my daughter finally settled on some napping foxes from the Tula Pink Chipper Line and some purple Modern Solids from In the Beginning (both purchased from Ozark Fabrics on Facebook).

Okay, so as usual, some basics about the pattern:

- Sizes range from 2T - 12 so this pattern can be used for a pretty long chunk of time
- Two length options: tunic or knee length
- Simple bodice construction for endless embellishment opportunity
- Top to bottom buttons for the tunic
- Two closure options for the dress: all buttons or half length buttons
- Clear, concise directions and photos for each step
Tunic in 2T, made in linen and Luminous Lace from Quilting Treasures
(both purchased from Ozark Fabrics on Facebook)
For the test, I made two tunics in a size 2T and a size 6.  For both sizes, we were spot on for ready to wear sizes.  Both times, I paired the top with leggings, but this would be so easy to dress up for special occasions or keep it simple for everyday wear.  My daughter isn't big on fancy so we did an everyday wear top to start with, but I am TOTALLY going to sneak in some sort of chiffon overlay top here in the near future.  And she's going to wear it and love it. :)!  That's my vision, anyway!  She has already picked out some Wonder Woman fabric for her next top so we are going to be getting some serious mileage out of this pattern.

From start to finish, I think each tunic took about an hour and a half to put together!  The construction was so simple, but the result was such an amazingly beautiful garment.  When you're putting this together, the lining will be smaller than the main fabric so don't panic when you put the dress together, and it seems like it's "off".  It really isn't.  The lining is smaller to lessen the bulk once constructed.

I used snaps for both of my tops, but you have the option of either snaps or buttons.  It's really a matter of preference or fabric choice that will decide for you what you want to do when it comes time to get the closures put on!

I really do love the overall design and look of this pattern!  The tunic is perfect with jeans, leggings, shorts...pretty much anything, and the dress can easily be dressed up for special occasions!  One of the testers trimmed her tunic with lace, and it turned out so, so precious!  I'm kind of wanting to do one in denim...

Okay, so now for some great news!  This pattern is currently available at a special release sale price of $5!  You can grab your copy over at the Snuggle My Baby Etsy store today, but that sale price is for a limited time so don't miss out!  Jennifer also has a Facebook page where you can follow her happenings and keep up to date on what's going on at Snuggle My Baby patterns!  This is also a great place to ask questions if you hit a head scratch while sewing up your SMB patterns!  Jennifer is so great about getting back on questions and is super sweet to work with!

If you've read along this far, I really appreciate you!  Seriously, don't miss out on this pattern!  Head over to grab your copy and get started on your own Susan top or dress today!

Happy Sewing and Blessings,

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