Thursday, March 10, 2016

Headed to Dakota

North or South, East or West...doesn't matter.  We're talking blazers here.   Specifically, we're talking about the Dakota from Laela Jeyne Patterns!  This blazer is amazing.  I am usually not terribly excited about blazers in general because they never fit right on the arms, and if they fit right on the arms the rest of it is big.  However, this blazer is the bomb-diggity!  I didn't have to alter the pattern in any way, and everything fit perfectly!

Alrighty, I like to start with a few basics about the pattern: 
- Pattern ranges from XS to XXL so it covers a wide range of sizes
- There are 3 sleeve options: long, 3/4, and short
- Options for scalloped or straight cuff
- Options for hi-lo front and back or straight back
- Fully lined
- The design makes this suitable for maternity wear
- The instructions are very concise and straightforward.  There are also tons of photo and illustrations for those of us who do better with the visuals.  

As far as the pattern, it was very easy to follow along.  I read it a few times through to make sure that I understood everything.  I would recommend this pattern to someone with a bit of experience with sewing.  There are areas where you will have front and back darts and there is a little trick to lining the arms to make sure they don't end up wonky so I did read that a few times.  I did find the part where I connect the neck seams a bit tricky so I would highly recommend looking at the directions and asking questions in Marisa's FB group if you hit a head scratch.

I needed blazers for a business convention that I'm going to in a few weeks so I made two of these. My first one was a suiting material, and my second one was a cotton woven Tardis material that I had purchased a couple of months ago.  I absolutely will be wearing that during one of the convention days...I caution you to definitely press your pieces as you sew and make the lining first so you can try that on for fit as I know that the different materials sat differently for me so it was essential to have the lining right.  Don't skip the pressing part whatever you do.

I found this blazer to be really forgiving on the fit.  I usually struggle with either the sleeves or the main fit.  I have so many issues with proper fit, and this blazer fit me from the get-go.  I did the hi-lo option for mine, and I really loved that the back came down and covered my tush.  I slipped these on, and I'm pretty sure the theme song to "Rocky" started playing in the background.

AND, the best news of all, Marisa is offering the pattern at a special release price!  You can grab your copy of the pattern for $6.50 from now until March 14th!  After that, it goes up to the regular price of $9.

You can also shop all of Marisa's patterns at her Laela Jeyne Patterns webstore!  Remember, the Dakota blazer is on sale for a limited time to celebrate the release of this have to have pattern!

If you want to skip on over to the Facebook group, you can find it here.  Marisa posts all of her happenings here so you won't miss out on new releases or special events!  

Now, if you've read this far, then I really do appreciate you for sticking with me!  Now head on over and pick up your copy of the Dakota!

Happy Sewing,

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