Sunday, March 20, 2016

Every day can be an Easy Day!

With the start of spring, my littles are in full blown short sleeve mode, and the easy day tee from Snuggle My Baby Patterns really does make for an easy day when you're sewing it up!  My son has three of these already and is now trying to find out if I can cut his winter shirts up for this pattern! Hopefully, he doesn't start offering up his dad's shirts!!

So, as always, I like to give some pattern basics before I get into the pattern details.  For this one, here's a quick rundown:

- Sizes 2T-12 so this pattern covers a pretty large range of sizes
- Three sleeve options: short, 3/4, and long
- Two bottom hem options: regular or scooped
- Only three pattern pieces so very quick prep and sew
- Very clear concise directions and a lot of photos (for those of us who work better with pictures to go with the words)

Now for this one, the pattern calls for at least 50% stretch on the knit...make sure you verify that on your knit before you buy it or cut into it!  I learned the hard way on the Katie crop top that if you don't, you will have a funky fit for the shirt.  This one is designed to be pretty loose fitting so it's perfect for my two tree climbing, on the go kids.  They spent the day at their Grandpa Greg and Grandma Julie's collecting treasures and running around all over the yard with no issues at all!

I like that this one is a looser fit so that my nephew was able to have himself a shirt to hang out in. He's 12 and is very tall and wiry so it's hard to fit him with clothes, and this shirt was perfecto on him!  For my niece, I had a panel that I got from Zenith and Quasar, and I loved it so much for her...BUT it was a tad smaller than the pattern piece so I did some color blocking to make it fit.  This feature does NOT come as part of the pattern tutorial, but there are a bajillionty tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube to help you out if you decide you want to color block these!
I did also make a couple of shirts from upcycled adult shirts.  If you do this, be very careful about the print on the front.  I would even suggest you take the pattern pieces with you so that you can see if any design element will get cut off when you cut the shirts down to size.  I ended up using the front and backs from some XXL shirts for my son and daughter, but I did different fabric for the sleeves...still knit, though! I'd totally add photos of them if they weren't in the wash again.  They seem to be the going favorites at the moment so I don't even have a chance to fold them before they are zhoop, right out of the basket and back on the kiddos.  I guess that's better than the standard which is clothing optional when in the house! (Not this mom's preference, for the record)

These shirts came together so fast that I can't even tell you...I think it took longer to pick out the fabric and piece together the pattern than it did to sew them.  I did all four shirts in an afternoon...I'd say about 45 minutes a shirt, and it only took that long because I had Downton Abbey on the telly so I kept stopping to stare at the screen.

If you need a quick and easy tee for your littles (or not so littles) as the weather starts to give promise of warmer days to come, this is the perfect pattern for you! AND, to celebrate the release of this pattern, you can grab it for $5 from now until the 28th of March!  It will only be on sale at Jennifer's Etsy store for a limited time, though, so don't miss out!  Also, you can hop on her FB group to keep up with her happenings at Snuggle My Baby patterns or to ask questions if you hit a head scratch while working with her patterns!

If you've read this far, thanks so much for sticking it out with me!  Don't forget, the Easy Day Tee pattern is on sale right now so hop on over and get your copy!  Thanks again for reading along and Blessings!

Happy sewing,

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