Tuesday, December 9, 2014

E+M Patterns: Girls Skirt No. 18

I have to admit, I was kind of jealous when I saw this skirt knowing that I would be making this for my five year old.  I wanted one of these for me, but I was so excited that was I was lucky enough to test the Girls Skirt Pattern No. 18 for Allison at E+M Patterns.  Now, the skirt did look a little daunting at first glance with the scallops and bow, but never fear!! That is not the case!!  This sweet little skirt is such an easy sew.  It does take a hot minute to get around the scallops, but let me tell ya, it is so worth the few extra minutes that you take.  I have a little girl who is suspicious of anything that looks even close to girly.  Lace, ruffles...BOWS...and she's already picked out fabrics for her third skirt. This first one is pink and full of all hearts and girly stuff.  I was a little nervous to show it to her at first, but when she put it on, she told me, "this is exactly what I wanted, Momb!" Who knew?

The pattern comes with both measurements and pattern pieces which I loved because there are some days when I love the my rotary cutter and ruler and there are some days when I just want it done for me so I can trace the pieces and cut.  With this pattern, I get the best of both worlds!

The front of the skirt is flat, and there are two elastic casings in the back to help with fit and easy donning.  My daughter hates zippers and buttons so she was over the moon that she could put this one on all by herself.  The best part for me?  No zippers or buttonholes.  As a bonus, I also don't have to pull out the serger or worry about zigzag stitches because Allison has directions on how to finish off the seams without either.  

I ended up making a second skirt.  This time, I did a denim overskirt with a cotton underskirt no bow.  My daughter turned five right in the middle of the week I was sewing up these skirts, and we were making cupcakes for her kindie class one night.  She rolled through with my dough hook in her hand and her denim skirt on and told me she was Little Muffin the Pirate who was coming to steal the cupcakes from the family treasure chest...and well, pirates don't wear bows.  I do think that I want to make a bow that I can pin to it later if she changes her mind.  On the pink one, I attached the bow to the skirt, and I will warn you to make sure that you sew that sucker on there really well or it will come apart in the wash.  

Little Muffin laughing at Mom
Little Muffin celebrating the spoils of her raid

Both skirts have already been worn and washed.  I didn't topstitch the scallops on either, and they came out of the wash ready to wear.  I am a topstitching fanatic so I decided to push the test and not topstitch these skirts.  There is a possibility that I might push the test on a few other things that I sew...we'll see...Little Muffin even wore her pirate skirt to church the other day which never happens. ever.  AND, she let me get some pictures of her checking out the tree in the lobby.  Something else that she almost never lets me do.  ever.  I'm loving this skirt more and more. :)!

As for the pattern, I found it to be very well written.  Each step is extremely concise and detailed with clear pictures to help you visualize what the skirt should look like as you put construct it.  The pattern was easy to follow along, and I learned a new way to do bows!  I do love this pattern, and it will probably become my go to skirt pattern when I need something quick and cute.  It's pretty versatile in that it can be made for everyday wear or dressed up in a fancier fabric and used as special occasion skirt.  All in all, I would say another winner from Allison!   

This skirt is currently on sale for $4 until Thursday at midnight.  After that it will be full price at $8.  You can pick up your copy at www.empatterns.com or www.etsy.com/shop/empatterns.  

There are also a couple of ways you can keep up with Allison and E+M Patterns if you like what you see at her shop!  You can follow her Facebook page or join her Facebook group at the links below:

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/empatternspage
Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/EMPatterns/

Blessings and Happy Sewing!

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  1. Awwww, I am so glad she likes her skirts! I love your pink one and denim one. Girly, but not too girly... perfect! Thank you so much for helping me test this and thank you so much for your kind words. :)