Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Well, we hit a milestone at Nini and Ash, so we had a giveaway!!  THANK YOU so much everyone for your continuing support!  We're so excited about everything that we've been up to so far this year, and we are looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings!!!

Okay, so the part that everyone really cares about...the WINNERS!!!

So, the winner of the top and bottom set is Kim Ramsey O'Dell!!!   Congratulations, Kim!

However, we had such an awesome response to the giveaway that we decided to give prizes to a handful of other folks as well!!  SOOO, the following individuals were randomly selected to receive a coupon for 20% any item you order from Nini and Ash!!!  If you order multiple items, this discount will apply to the highest priced item you order!  We just picked names based on how many overall entries we had.  In no particular order, here you go!!!

Faith Garrison
Melissa Anders
Annette Eldridge
Ryan R Origon
Doris L. Welch
Linda Vertin
Kyla Mowery
Sarah Coenen
Nicole Hubbard
Terri Dudey
Tee Anderson
Tina Jenkins
Barbara K. Colson
Crissy Brown
Maci Maer
Donna Frazier Davis
Gabby Grostefon
Destiny Groleau
Susan Blackman Sharp
Krystal Medina
Carrie Demas

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