Saturday, March 8, 2014

Trimming it Up

Hi, everyone!  I was recently Facebook stalking, and some of the gals in a group I'm part of mentioned that they have the hardest time with the trim on the Peek A Boo Patterns Hangout Hoodie.  I know that it took me a few readings and staring at the picture to figure out what the heck to do so I did a quick video for the ladies in the group that asked for it.  This was just a quick vid of me while I was putting my daughter's together last night so it's not very exciting, but hopefully it helps you figure out how to do the trim or to figure out a way to make it work for you if you are staring at the hoodie sideways and trying to attach the trim.  After the first one or two, it's pretty easy!

This next video shows what it looked like for me after I was finished with the sewing part.  It wasn't perfect, but hopefully it gives you an idea of how it would look.  On the video, I said PM me or tag me in a comment (I was posting this to FB) but if anything that I said is confusing, please hit me up in the comments and I'll try to explain it for you!  

Here is a picture of what the bottom of the hoodie will look like when you're done sewing!
Not entirely perfect, but my 4 yr old won't notice after the button is on.
Thanks so much and Blessings for stopping by and Happy Sewing!!


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