Thursday, January 4, 2018

Summer Sewing beats Winter Blues (Sunshine Romper from Ellie and Mac)

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.  I received the Girl’s Sunshine Romper as part of the test team, but all opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.

Well, it has been a very long while since I have blogged about pretty much anything.  However, new year, new goals, and I’m going to start my goal of being more consistent with a quick review of the new Girl’s Sunshine Romper from Ellie and Mac!  I know, I know…it’s the beginning of January and we’re suffering 20 something degree weather here in OK, but I couldn’t pass on this sweet little romper when I saw it!  My daughter is over the moon in love with it.  

She did mention that she’s not a fan of her stuff “just being out there” if she has to go potty so I did add snaps to one of the rompers. This isn’t actually part of the pattern, but it was pretty easy to do.   I’ll give you the quick how to for how I did it in this post as well!

First, let’s talk pattern specifics:
  • Large size range (starts at 12-18 months and goes to size 12)
  • Two bodice options: with or without shoulder strap
  • Two waistband options:  gathered or flat
  • Layered pattern pieces so you only print the sizes you want or need
  • No trim pages

The romper itself is such a super quick sew.  I think I made three of them in about 2 hours.  My daughter loved the bubble shorts, and was looking for a way that she can wear these out now.  Sadly for her, it was about 20 degrees when she wanted to wear them so no dice.  We’re looking for some cute panels that we can use to make a few more when summer gets close.  She was so excited about her new rompers that she almost couldn’t stand still for pictures.  For me, I love that it was a quick sew and gives her a lot of room to run around so she isn’t yanking at herself while she’s playing!

As I said, my daughter was not really loving that she had to undress to use the restroom so I decided to add snaps to the last set that I made her.  It was a super simple process and didn’t require any changes to the pattern pieces themselves so I was super stoked about that.  If you are interested in seeing how I did the snaps, here we go!  If you just wanna get to the info on where to get your copy of the Sunshine Romper (and MAAAYBE info about some extra savings), skip all the way to the last few paragraphs!

For the bottoms, I sewed them up per the instructions, BUT I didn’t sew the crotch closed.  I measured the length of the crotch.  For me, it was 8”.  I then cut two rectangles of fabric 2” x length of crotch + ½” (that ended up being 2” x 8 ½” for my romper).  I also cut two pieces of interfacing the same size.  I pressed the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric.  You’ll want to do this part because you’ll be adding snaps to them, and this helps with the pull on the fabric.

Here are the rectangles with the interfacing fused to them
For each of the fused rectangles, I turned the fabric right sides facing along the long edge.  Then, I sewed along the short ends using a ¼” seam allowance to create a placket.  Turn right sides out and press to get a sharp crease on the folded edge.  Set these aside.

I actually clipped the little corner at the bottom to take out some of the bulk. 
Just don't cut through your stitches.

Pressed along the folded edge.
I then folded up the bottoms 1” and sewed a casing on each leg.  I measured my daughter’s leg to get the elastic length and added ½” (for me the elastic ended up being 14”).  When I fed the elastic through, I left ¼” poking out on each side and secured each side with a few stitches.

Finished casing

After the elastic was in the legs, I lined up the raw edges of the placket to the raw edges of the crotch with right sides facing. Well, really, either side of the placket can be the right side at this point, but as long as the right side of the crotch is facing the placket, you’re good.  Sew this on using a ¼” seam allowance. 

I finished the raw edge using a serger, but you could also use a zigzag stitch on a regular machine.  Then, I turned the placket down and topstitched with the seam facing toward the top of the romper.

This was before I topstitched the placket down.
This next bit is really scientific.  I eyeballed the placket and decided to go with five snaps.  I marked the center of the crotch and each end.  Then, I marked half way between each the center and edge on each side. 

Attach the snaps and DONE!

Soo, now that you know that you can add a snap crotch to the romper, there’s no excuse for not getting this summer perfect pattern!  It’s still on sale, and you get an extra 20% off when you add it to your cart…so, you’re getting a summer staple for less than $4!  Head on over to Lindsey’s webstore, Ellie and Mac, and add the Sunshine Romper *affiliate links* (or any other pattern you might discover you NEED), to your cart!  There's also an Ellie and Mac Facebook group where you can share your creations, exchange ideas, or get help if you hit a headscratch when you're sewing up your Ellie and Mac patterns.

Thanks so much for reading along, and I hope this helped out a little on how you might be able to add a snap crotch to your Sunshine Romper!  Don't forget to head to the FB group and share your makes with everyone so we can see what your creations.

Blessings and Happy Sewing!


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