Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tiny toes that soon will grow...(Infant Chris and Christy's from Snuggle My Baby Patterns)

My littles are well out of infant clothes, and sometimes, I miss the tininess of baby clothes.  However, thanks to my many friends who are now having babies, I can still enjoy tiny toes whenever I need to get my baby fix!  My neighbors had their first baby about three months ago, and I could just eat her up!  She's so wondermous!  Last week, I finally put together and sewed up the Infant Chris and Christy's All Season PJ bottoms for her!  She's still pretty new so I made the 3-6 month size for her, and well, hello, I had to add the ruffle bum to them because the whole world is brighter with ruffles and bows...

This pattern is such a fast sew, and pattern assembly took no time at all.  There's only one pattern piece to put together (unless you do the ruffle bum).  For the ruffles, there is a measurement chart, and depending on how you cut it, you can easily get 4 ruffles from it.  I only used 3 because Lulu is so little.  This pattern starts at size 0-3 mos and tops out at 18-24 mos so it really does have a wide range of sizes for you to work with.  There are also photos with every step which I like because I really appreciate having a visual to compare where I'm at to what it should look like.

I sewed up a 3-6 month size because Lu is between those two sizes right maybe a 4 1/2 mo?...there was definitely plenty of room to grow for her, and as fast as she's doing that, this will give mom and dad a few months of use before she is into the next size.  It was a little bit long so if you have baby close, it wouldn't hurt to get a measurement to know how long to sew the bottoms.  We decided to keep them long because she's sure not moving anywhere right now, and she'll be in a 6 month length before too long.  Originally, I wasn't going to do the rufffle bum, but I couldn't resist at the very end and decided to add them.  I can't help it; if I can slap a ruffle or bow on it, I will.  The pattern does come with directions on how to do the ruffles if you decide you want some of those.

All in all, I think this pattern took me about an hour to do.  That's from piecing the pattern and cutting it out to sewing it up so if you got yourself a pretty good groove going on, you could have 5 or 6 prs of these in no time.  I really do love this pattern for a quick go to if someone needs a pair of pants for their baby, and I'm now in sewing for baby mode so you never know what I might find to sew up next!!!

Thanks so much for reading along this far.  If you are looking to grab yourself a copy of this patter, you can find it at Jenn's online store:  Snuggle My Baby Patterns.  There's also a Facebook group if you want to come find Jenn to keep up with her happenings:  Snuggle My Baby Patterns FB group, and for those on Instagram, come find her there too (She's all over the place these days!!! :)!): SMB Instagram!

Again, thanks for hanging with me!  Now go grab yourself this pattern and sew up some love!

Happy Sewing and Blessings,

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