Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer vacation in Barcelona (Barcelona Blouse from Peek A Boo Pattern Shop)

Boy, do I wish I really were vacationing in Barcelona.  I spent a large part of my childhood in Spain, and I've been pining away for Spain lately.  That might be why I love this top so much! ;)!  Seriously, though, I was recently fortunate enough to test the second round for the Barcelona Blouse, and I have 4 of them (3 of them I made for testing) already with a few more planned for the future.  This top is right up my alley!

Alright, before I get too far into what is so awesome about this pattern, let's go over some details about the pattern/top:

- Covers a large range of sizes: XXS-XXXL
- Two sleeve options: sleeveless or tulip sleeve
- Unique design to allow for a roomier fit
- Can be used with a wide variety of fabric types. I used linen, bottomweight, and cotton woven for the top and a variety of knits for the bottoms.
- Roomier through the hips for a flowy fit (and perfect for kid chasing)
- Your usual concise, detailed directions and photos that come with every PAB pattern

This top looks so much harder to make than it really is.  I whipped up one top in 45 minutes, and with this being summer vacation, that was a major bonus.  The kids usually have nothing to do with me until the hear the familiar zzzz, click, click of my sewing machine starting up so just a few minutes really did mean just a few minutes with this top.  I was so stoked with my pattern matching on the one pictured below, but my husband didn't seem to get why I was so excited when I showed him.  I still did the Snoopy dance even if he didn't get it.

So, for my tops, I did one in a silky knit and a cotton woven top that looked almost like leather.  I'm 5'1" on a good day, and I chose to do this one with no modifications.  Turned out I didn't need any! The length hit right about the bottom of the zipper on the front and swooped down in the just enough to hit the bottom of, well, my bottom.  I usually get really worried about making shirts for me because the armscye is often too tight, but this one was really comfortable for me.   I wore this one to the zoo, and it was so perfect for the 100+ weather on the day we went (I didn't quite think through the whole "let's go to the zoo, kids!" when we headed out for the day).

The second one I made was with a cotton woven green fairy frost from MM and a very lightweight, drapey knit that I got from an estate sale.  It wasn't slinky at all, and I really wish I knew the content of it so I could tell you what it is, but all I know is that it has about 40% stretch and is very light.  I went with the sleeveless option on this one as well so that I could wear it here in Oklahoma with the summer heat.  The front and back have some really small, slight gathers that really add some femininity to the top, not that it needs a feminine touch because it's already very flattering on any shape body.

I also made a third shirt from some Muddy Girl knit that I scored from JoAnn Fabrics a couple of years ago and a bottom weight, almost denim weight, cotton.   The top half of the blouse is fully lined, and the sleeveless version is finished with bias tape around the armholes.  This was a new method for me, and I love the way it turned out for these tops.

Okay so if you've read this far and stuck with me, I appreciate you greatly!  The great news is that this top is available now and is on sale today (15 July) for $8.50!  You can snag your copy here at Amy's Peek A Boo Pattern Shop webstore.  Amy also has a FB group where we can share our PAB creations and ask questions if we hit a head scratch when we're sewing!  You can find her group here. Everyone in the group is really supportive and helpful if you ever have any questions, and Amy is very responsive to messages if you need to contact her directly!

If you're wondering if you need this pattern, my vote would be absolutely, you do!  Sometimes, it's just nice for us to have a great pattern that we can use for some self care sewing, and this one is a really quick, easy sew!  Don't forget, it's available today on sale so go grab it today!

Blessings and Happy Sewing,

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  1. Love your tops! And your hair, you look great! can't believe it's a quick sew, this design is definitely my style..gonna get it now :)