Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stepping out in style...with the Downtown Tunic

I recently had the opportunity to test the new Downtown Tunic from Sew Caroline, and this top is just about perfect for what I know is warmer days ahead!  Winter cannot possibly stick around for much longer, right? 

This little number is so perfect for pairing with a pair of slacks or leggings for an evening out or with jeans for running around town!  It’s a knit woven combo and the best part? No set in sleeves!!!  I loved that it was all one piece on the top with cuffs at the sleeves.  The hi-lo skirt has two options: a solid skirt or a button front skirt.  I couldn’t resist, and I made one of each.  For the test, I let my kids pick the fabrics.  I admit I was a little terrified of what they would pick but they did alright!  Not what I would have picked for myself, but they did alright nevertheless! 

So, a little bit about the pattern!  It comes in sizes XS to XXXL, and as I said, it’s such a quick and easy sew!  It took longer for me to glue the pattern pieces together than to sew the shirt!  There is a front piece and a back piece, the cuffs, the neckband, and the skirt pieces.  Voila, that’s it!  The pattern is rated for the confident beginner, and it really is a great pattern for beginners.  Don’t let the knit part of this scare you!  There is nothing scary about this shirt at all!  There are pictures to help you out along the way, and you can email Caroline if you have any questions!  She’s super sweet and so helpful at answering questions you might have!  

As I said, the top has a hi-lo skirt on it so it’s a little longer in the back, which I love because I have—ahem—some baggage back there…and the shirt fits a little loose so I can move around in it which makes this great for chasing after my 4 and 5 year little’s.  I already have fabric picked out for at least 3 or 4 more of these tops! 

If you’re thinking you might need this pattern in your life, and I know you are, you can get it here:

AND, if you use the code DTTRELEASE15, you can get the Downtown Tunic for 15% off the purchase price.  This code is good until midnight CST 03/01/15!!


  1. Love them! I would be scared to let my kids pick fabrics too, but they did great!

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